Strategy Development

Strategy development is the navigation system of Purchasing. The more ambitious and more varied the targets are, the more important intelligent navigation becomes. We have proven processes and a range of qualified tools and instruments to help you to detect value levers and get directions to implement them. In addition, we also take care of the convincing representation of strategies to other stakeholders. Communication-concepts coupled with attractive presentation documents are part of our scope of services.

The Strategy Navigator

The Strategy Navigator contains a comprehensive set of instruments for advanced category strategy development. Under the guidance of experienced Purchasing strategists, you are led towards convincing, resilient and communicable results.

Concerted Supplier Campaign

An efficient and integrated process enables you to reach the majority of your suppliers in a short space of time with ambitious targets. The negotiators and the central strategic messages are thoroughly prepared over an extended period of time with the help of our experienced negotiating experts. The main focus is fact based argumentation alongside tactical preparation.

Complexity Mastering

Complexity and diversity in specifications, suppliers and processes can become a major cost driver. We assist you in making these usually hard-to-grasp effects evaluable and controllable.

Synchronized Agenda Purchasing/Research & Development

Often, collaboration between Purchasing and technical departments (R+D, Engineering, Testing, etc.) becomes a critical success factor. Collaborative work* on technical levers such as Value Engineering, Re-Design or Design2Cost become essential, especially if conventional purchasing levers have all been exhausted. Not only do we have the tools but also the technical skills to holistically cover this field and to synchronize the Purchasing agenda with the technical agenda.

* – often including suppliers –

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