Organizational Development

You need the best. The influence per capita of the purchaser on business success is larger than in almost any other function. We help you to recruit and promote the right talents and successfully position the purchasing organization in the area of ​​tension between global procurement markets and internal stakeholders.

The Talent Navigator

Excellence in purchasing requires an extraordinary talent profile. We have specified and described these profiles for many years in collaboration with recognized specialists. S+C offers you global tailor-made assessments in cooperation with our partner Contur.

Organizational Development

The design and architecture of a purchasing organization is of particular importance. There are no universal solutions off-the-shelf . Together, we find custom organizational concepts for your company environment and your specific fields of conflict (e. g. central/decentral, strategic/operative, category management/product management).

Strategy Development
Purchasing Intelligence
Organizational Development
Controlling and Reporting
Advanced Learning
Indirect Spend Management

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