Cutting edge instruments, experienced experts, reliable results – that’s what most people want when it comes to medical diagnostics. Purchasing is no different. S+C offers you suitable methodology. Our programmes are extensively and cross-sectorally proven, perfected and refined over the last 15 years. With minimal effort, you will receive reliable results within a short time, allowing you to initiate targeted improvement programs.

Rapid Sourcing Assessment (RSA)

The RSA provides fast positioning of your Purchasing department and assesses and quantifies potential value contributions through optimized spend management. Operational, strategic and organizational aspects of your purchasing organisation as well as applied tools, processes, reporting routines and interfaces are closely examined. You will receive a qualified summary of possible value drivers and potentials, as well as an implementation plan.

Maturity Assessment

Similar to RSA it delivers a positioning for your Purchasing organization – although without a quantified value potential assessment.

Rapid Process Assessment

Focussed on certain processes – e. g. the supplier management process. You get a clear picture of what corrections, supplements or changes are necessary.

Risk Assessment

Permits the thorough assessment of your supply-base risks. We first adapt the instrument to the respective company or industry-specific context and – on demand – integrate pre-existing risk assessments. After joint initial use, the tool is available to you for continuous risk monitoring and processing.

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