Indirect Spend Management

Efficient procurement of indirect goods and services (e. g. IT hardware and software, MRO, utilities, travel, …) is key to keeping operations functioning day by day. It is a complex task, requiring the management of a large number of requisitioners, process steps, products and suppliers. There are a wide variety of ways to reduce costs – having a comprehensive set of tools for purchasing is essential. Our extensive experience and know-how in purchasing diagnostics, process/organisational and market aspects allows you to unlock a significant potential for added in this complex field of Indirect Spend Management.

Strategy Development for Indirect Material Spend and Services

S+C provides tailored practical approaches for strategy development in indirect spend categories in all major industrial domains from manufacturing to pure service providers.  Following this proven approach will allow you to identify, generate, capture and manage additional value for your company and transfer synergies across business units.

eProcurement for Indirect Spend Management

Guaranteed easy buying, effective spend control, full transparency, effortless reporting and compliance are key elements to managing indirect spend. More and more organizations are adopting digital platforms to help them streamline indirect spend management. We have supported several successful business cases in evaluating and implementing e-platforms from a purchasing and business standpoint.

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Indirect Spend Management

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